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We are happy to announce that a small number of application fee scholarships are available for Edmund Hillary Fellowship candidates with limited financial means. To qualify, your circumstances must meet certain criteria, including an evaluation of your annual earnings and net worth. (We will keep this information confidential and use it only to make a decision on your scholarship request.)

Scholarships are need-based. Please note that we will be verifying the information you provide here. If we discover that you have provided false information, you will be automatically disqualified from participating in the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) and no refund of any fees paid will be available.

Successful recipients will be able to submit an EHF application with a discounted application fee (there are no full scholarships available). To learn more about our fees and the application process visit: https://www.ehf.org/apply This scholarship does not cover the costs associated with moving to New Zealand or applying to Immigration NZ for the Global Impact Visa.